Sunbeam Academy Samneghat
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Book a Tour :

Sunbeam Academy- Durgakund Campus tour is an exquisite opportunity for parents to discuss the school benefits, student life, curriculum, subjects offered, learning facilities, SMART Infrastructure, and much more.


Tour of the Campus

For a personalized campus visit, we motivate parents to register for a campus tour or a virtual meeting which will make the journey fulfilling and enduring. Our specialized team will assist you through the tour. We invite you to the amazing journey and be a part of the Sunbeam Academic Group Fraternity.


Specially-trained staff will walk you around the campus, viewing key student spaces to provide you with a better understanding of the full student experience. Guests are welcome to ask questions throughout the tour, including questions about your academic program of interest. Sunbeam Academy Group has an assessment process during the campus tour to analyze the capability and knowledge of the students and recommend the right learning journey.

This is a part of our admission process that is conducted by our admission counselors during the counseling session and just before the registration process.


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