Sunbeam Academy Samneghat
Monday - Saturday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Our Methodology :

We at Sunbeam Academy, completely discard the practice of copying answers from the board. Hence, we start working on languages from an early age. The students frame and write their own answers in their notebooks/ workbooks and in the worksheets. As a result, the students of this school never face the challenge of cramming information.

“The Sunbeam school provides for additional programmes as tutorial help and remedial teaching for slow learners to help them to cope with the courses taught in the main streams. This helps in easier understanding and curtails the need for private tuition.”


Exposure To New Activities :

Besides academics, the curriculum of Sunbeam Academy concentrates on a lot of new activities which include sports which helps in relaxation of mind, and Team-building, social programs which improve interpersonal skills.

Interactive STEM Labs:

In recognition of Sunbeam Academy’s genuine high standards of academics, We have established a high-level stem laboratory for higher dissemination of knowledge on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to pre-university standard students, believing that in future technology is going to be an indispensable force to cause social impact and equality, and which is why the upcoming generation of children in India need to accomplish a three-pronged vision, first fostering in themselves curiosity, creativity, and imagination about design knowledge, computational thinking, problem-solving skills, and adaptive learning; second, creating from among themselves one million innovators who will create jobs of tomorrow; third, adapting themselves to the dramatically altering rapid technological change in order to succeed in future. The modus operandi is to let young students tinker with technological designs and concepts in order to try out their own independent and liberal ways of redoing the same technology.

Difference Between Science Lab and STEM Lab

Science Labs

Science Labs are designed for guided Experimenting.

Science Labs may have Expensive or fragile equipment.
Science Labs have a static design.

Science Labs activities correspond to topic in text books.
Science Labs have a fixed curriculum.
Stem Labs are for open-ended experimenting, with no single solution.
Stem Labs have equipment appropriate to the age of the intended students so that they can tinker without the fear of damaging equipment.
Stem Labs are intended to evolve with the institution.
Stem Labs are intended towards life and creative skills. The skills developed in Tinkering Labs may or may not directly help in academics, but an indirect advantage is most certainly observed.
Stem Labs have a directional curriculum that is not restrictive and provides students with the scope to create and innovate.

Our Teachers :

Our school follows top-notch teaching and learning processes that are practical, experimental, and fun to learn.

Our experienced and well-qualified teaching faculty have years of experience in the field, which makes them one of the best teachers in education. They undergo constant upgrading through workshops and certification courses.

Their specialised teaching methodology through the use of digital spaces and interactive technologies makes them easily accessible to students and teachers.