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Holistic Educational Approach
Holistic Educational Approach

Holistic Educational Approach

Ours is a dynamic educational framework aimed at fostering all-round development of students through an integrated, holistic approach to learning. We emphasise on academic excellence, but also focus on other aspects of student growth including sports excellence, skills development, leadership skills, artistic skills and universal values taking learning beyond academics with equal focus on sports, skills and values.


Academic Excellence :

We ensure excellence in academics by emphasising on imparting education following curriculum which integrates best practises in education with unique teaching methodology through the latest available resources. As a leading school in Varanasi, we use hands-on & projects-based learning which allows students to learn by reading, experience and discussions.

Sports Excellence

At Sunbeam Academy, Varanasi, we believe in giving students great opportunities and facilities in indoor and outdoor sports, to bring out the sportsman in them. School sports are foundational activities for students, which can help build physical strength, mental toughness, character and collaborative nature in students.


Creativity :

We believe that out of the box thinking and creative outputs have no age limit, which is why we encourage creativity in our students. We nurture creativity and innovation in students by mapping their interest areas, identifying their competencies and facilitating the growth of the students.

Skills Development

Our campus focuses on giving students platforms for skill development which form an additional layer of expertise for their educational portfolio. Through various interactive labs and programmes, we ensure students learn real world skills, and through training and experience we ensure they develop soft skills to sharpen their personality.